montage 2010

director: roni kleiner -

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Your Beta On!

Drop in the middle of the war on Auraxis. Follow the path of one soldier as he powers through the battlefield determined to fulfill his mission. The war is raging, but his mission is clear. Death is No Excuse

Houdini Animated Boxes

in this project I used point clouds and stamp without using any particles.

Nissan - Wouldn’t It Be Cool - Altima 2013

Bottersnikes and Gumbles

One loves all that nature has to offer. The other prefers anything that dirties it. One laughs, swims, somersaults and squishes itself into any shape it wants. The other sleeps, eats old mattress stuffing, argues and grouches.

Thanks to Dielmo 3D Viewer and Dielmo Server Technology, LiDAR data can be published on the internet. Any user can manage LiDAR data toguether with other Geographic Information online in a Virtual Globe environment. Try it: 

Ra.One show reel

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